Wall Cladding

Our stone wall cladding is great for adding a special and attractive touch to your home, inside or outside.

Stone Wall Cladding Features and Benefits 

Brick wall cladding has become a favourite among architects and designers with its distinctive and bold aesthetic. Because of its exceptional durability and low maintenance requirements, your installation will look wonderful for many years with only occasional cleaning!  

The natural ageing process of stone means that it only improves with time. Stone cladding is a remarkable addition to any building since it has delicate veining and colour variations across the panels.  

  • Distinctive style: Stone wall cladding consistently creates a distinctive feature that is sure to set your property apart, regardless of its location or application!
  • Naturally derived materials: Slate, sandstone, and porcelain are among the natural materials available in our selection of stone cladding.  
  • Simple to maintain: Because of its natural durability, stone is one of the simplest materials to maintain. It only requires a quick clean to remove any accumulated dirt!  
  • Various colour and style choices: We offer two brick cladding collections in a variety of colours to match your property.   

Stone Wall Cladding Technical Specification 

We advise you to seal your stone cladding board before installation. This will keep the stone from tarnishing and preserve its excellent state for a longer period.  

Little chips occasionally appear in natural stone goods; this is an inherent element of the manufacturing process. Even with careful handling during production and shipping, some slabs may still have small chips. Once you install the slabs, you can barely notice these chips.

Stone Wall Cladding FAQs 

We offer two types of high quality external wall cladding: Stone Panel Systems, which manufactures the wall panels using natural sandstone and slate. DesignClad, a luxury porcelain line designed for modern installations.  

Is stone cladding a good option for feature walls? 

Our stone cladding is both beautiful and durable, lasting a long time because of its strength. It's a fantastic option for both interior and exterior wall cladding because of these advantages and more!  

How durable is stone cladding? 

Stone cladding can last for many years if installed properly and maintained regularly.  

Is sealing required for stone cladding? 

Yes, we do advise sealing your stone cladding to preserve the quality and appearance of the stone. If you receive your natural stone products untreated, you should consider sealing them before installing them.  

Is it simple to maintain stone wall cladding? 

Natural stone is easy to clean, just wipe it to remove any stains or dirt.

Stone Wall Cladding Installation and Maintenance 

We advise hiring a qualified expert to install our stone cladding because it is a premium range. We provide a complete installation guide here to assist your contractor with the installation.  

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