Sheds & Garden Storage

We offer a variety of sheds and garden storage options. Whether you need a new workshop, a place to pot plants, or just somewhere help to keep your garden tidy, we have the products for you. 

Sheds and Garden Storage Features and Benefits

Our selection of sheds and outdoor storage from Forest Garden is made from 100% natural timber. All Forest Garden sheds and outdoor storage are also dip-treated for a timeless and natural look. 

These premium outdoor storage units are available in a wide selection of sizes and finishes to fit any area. They make excellent garden features that are both elegant and practical. 

  • Sleek and timeless design: Our garden shelters and storage are traditionally made with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. 
  • Flat-packed and easily transportable: we deliver our storage units and garden buildings flat-packed, and they are simple to assemble. 
  • 10-year minimum guarantee: Every item is offered with a 10- or 25-year anti-rot guarantee. 
  • Produced with FSC®-certified wood: There are plenty of environmentally friendly sheds and storage options available – they're made with FSC® certified wood. 

Sheds and Garden Storage Technical Specification 

Our timber sheds collection includes garden bars for unique outdoor bar spaces, as well as overlap sheds, tongue & groove,and shiplap sheds. We also provide shed bases and log storage so that you can shop for everything you need for your garden storage project. 

Our sheds and outdoor storage from Forest Garden are not affected by weathering and rot like regular timber products. To ensure protection against rot, all goods in the range are either dip-treated or pressure-treated. For more information on these processes, check out our guide on pressure-treated vs dip treated timber

We use Height x Width x Depth measurements to determine the sizes of all our sheds and outdoor structures. 

Sheds and Garden Storage Guides 

Every storage space and garden shed is a useful and adaptable addition to any outdoor area. With a range of options as large as ours, it can be difficult to differentiate the types of sheds and storage boxes as well as their unique purposes and applications. In order to help, we've put together some helpful guides:

Sheds and Garden Storage FAQs 

Do sheds made of wood rot? 

It's true that wooden garden storage sheds can usually be susceptible to rot. However, all Forest Garden timber sheds come with a minimum 10-year guarantee and are coated to prevent rot. 

Are wooden sheds resistant to weather? 

Our selection of timber sheds include tight interlocking joints in either shiplap or tongue and groove designs. This helps to keep any wind and rain out, keeping the shed strong.

What can I use wood storage and sheds for? 

There are lots of different uses for wood storage and sheds. We have something to suit any garden, whether you're searching for an outdoor storage area, a workshop, or a potting shed! 

Are wooden sheds easy to assemble?  

Yes! All our outdoor storage sheds are easy to assemble and come with all necessary hardware. We also provide installation instructions for every product in the range. 

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