Stone Paving

Stone paving slabs add a distinctive appearance to any outdoor space and offer the most natural stone appearance within our range of garden paving slabs. Our selection of stone slabs will enhance your space thanks to the diversity of varieties and styles available.

Stone Paving Features & Benefits

Our range includes sandstone paving and limestone paving, which each have their own benefits and aesthetics for the space you choose. Sandstone is a fantastic option for all homes, whether they are urban or in the country. It is available in a wide range of colours to fit any area. Weather has no effect on limestone, which requires little upkeep and is durable.

  • Variety of products: Any outdoor location can benefit from our selection of stone patio slabs, which come in a wide range of colours, designs, and sizes.
  • Natural materials: No artificial materials are used in the production of our stone slabs.
  • Versatile: We have stone paving to meet any requirements, whether you want to design a sleek, contemporary space or a traditional, rustic outdoor area.
  • Enhanced toughness: Sandstone and limestone are both durable building materials, so as long as they are installed properly, they will last a long time.

Stone Paving Technical Specification

Due to exposure to the elements, it is normal for the stone paving to weather with time. However, this is not a bad thing because stone paving only becomes better with age!

Some pavement materials, especially those made of darker limestone, may change colour with time. This gives the stone a rustic, aged appearance, however, there are treatments that may be added to the slabs' surfaces to help the stone preserve its original colour.

No two of our stone slabs are the same since they are all made from materials that are naturally occurring; they all have distinct veining, attractive shade variations, and even bits of shell and fossil embedded in them.

Stone Paving FAQs

Which stone makes for the best paving?

Sandstone is regarded as one of the greatest paving materials since it is durable yet simpler to work with than other ranges of natural stone paving slabs. Another excellent option that offers distinctive modern aesthetics is limestone.

Is sandstone easy to keep clean?

Nothing could be simpler! Pressure washing can be used to clean these durable stone paving slabs without damaging the substance.

What happens to limestone paving if it isn't sealed?

Limestone can be scratched or discoloured much more easily if it is not sealed. To prevent this, it's best to make sure that your stone paving is sealed before installation.

How should I care for my limestone paving?

Limestone is an acidic substance, therefore it's a good idea to regularly clean it with a pH-neutral cleaner. Because they are typically acidic, household detergents should be avoided as they will harm the limestone.

Stone Paving Installation and Maintenance

Check out the guides and tips articles for all of our best advice on how to install and maintain stone paving.

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