Garden Structures

Discover our variety of garden structures that are designed to create architectural interest to elevate your outdoor space.

Our garden structure range includes garden arches, arbours, pergolas and wooden sleepers, featuring various materials and styles to cater for your unique preference for your outdoor project. Whether you are seeking a charming focal point, a cosy spot to relax, or a stylish framework for your climbing plants, our collection of garden structures has you covered!

Browse our inspired garden structure products to create your perfect outdoor living space.

Garden Structures Features and Benefits 

Garden structures like pergolas, arbours, and garden arches bring a host of features and benefits to outdoor spaces. These structures not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of gardens but also serve practical purposes.  

  • Pergolas, whether wall-mounted or free-standing, provide a shaded area that is ideal for outdoor dining or relaxation, shielding you from the sun's rays.
  • Arbours, on the other hand, offer a cosy, sheltered retreat, often covered in climbing plants, creating a picturesque spot for quiet moments or social gatherings.  
  • Garden arches frame pathways and entrances with elegance, adding depth and structure to the landscape. 

Beyond their visual charm, these structures can also support climbing plants, fostering a lush, green environment. Ultimately, pergolas, arbours, and garden arches blend beauty with functionality, making them versatile additions to any garden, enriching outdoor experiences, and creating captivating focal points.  

Garden Structure FAQs

Will a Garden Structure Increase My Property Value? 

The impact of a garden structure on property value can vary depending on several factors including the type of structure, its quality, its integration with the overall landscape design, and local real estate market conditions. In some cases, well-designed and well-maintained garden structures can enhance the appeal of a property and potentially contribute to a higher resale value. 

What's the Difference Between a Garden Arch and an Arbour?

A garden arch is a decorative structure typically used to frame pathways or entrances, while an arbour is a larger, enclosed seating area often covered with vines or plants, providing a sheltered space within the garden. Check our Guides & Tips article for a more detailed comparison between garden arches and arbours.

Do I need planning permission for garden structures? 

Typically, smaller garden structures such as pergolas, arches, and arbours that are used for decorative or ornamental purposes and are not enclosed are often considered "permitted development." This means they normally do not require planning permission. 

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