Garden Gates

Our premium quality timber and composite garden gates are not only incredibly sturdy but stylish as well! Browse our extensive collection and find the perfect gates for your home and garden now.

Garden Gates Features & Benefits 

Our garden gates are long-lasting and come in two styles: modern composite and traditional timber. This makes them suitable for any space!

Because of their high quality and versatile nature, both types of gates provide lots of advantages. A shorter gate can provide a welcoming entry to your garden, while a higher garden gate can give your home added security.

  • Durable - Our fence gates are extremely strong as they've been pressure-treated. The durability of the range operates consistently at the same level over an extended length of time.
  • Secure - The key function of any gate is to provide security. The premium materials used in the manufacture of our selection of gates give them extra their strength and stability.
  • Easy to Maintain - Our collection of outdoor gates requires almost no maintenance. They only require yearly treatment and cleaning to keep them looking new.
  • Sleek Design - Choose from a variety of styles and colours to complement your outdoor space. We have everything, from classic timber hues to modern dark shades.

Gates Technical Specification 

For your convenience, our selection of composite outdoor gates is pre-assembled! These gates come with a choice of 38mm or 63mm battens and are dual-sided. We offer garden gates in the following sizes: 1220mm, 1520mm, and 1820mm. The composite gates come with a 20-year warranty.

Pressure-treated and produced in the UK, our selection of timber garden gates features exceptional strength. The timber gates also come with a 15-year rot-free warranty.

Gates Further Information 

Our wide selection of gates comes in a variety of materials, shades, heights, and installation techniques, including both vertical and horizontal. It can complement any garden by offering a safe yet warm entry.

Garden Gates FAQs 

How long should a wooden gate last?  

Hardwoods naturally have a longer lifespan and can last 30 years or longer with good maintenance. Treated softwoods, on the other hand, generally survive for at least 15 years.

How do you weatherproof a wooden gate? 

Timber that is treated with a wood preservative and a top coat of oil, stain, paint, or varnish can last for years. Garden gates might also benefit from using fence paints, which will help shield the wood from decay and water damage.

Are composite gates any good? 

In any weather, composite gates are highly strong and resilient. Manufacturers make composite gates using a variety of materials, such as wood fibres, polymers, and binding agents. They can imitate the appearance of wood while being tougher and more durable.

How long do composite gates last?

If properly maintained, composite gates can last between 30 and 50 years.

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