Garden Fencing

Our garden fencing selection includes steel, composite and timber fencing from reputable manufacturers such as Ecoscape, Forest Garden, and DuraPost. 

Features & Benefits of Fencing

Privacy, security, and noise reduction are just a few of the advantages of adding fences to your property. In addition, the appropriate fencing can greatly enhance the look of your garden. 

Fence boards have two main functions. First, they keep wild animals out of the garden, so they don't ruin the plants. Second, they stop pets and kids from leaving the property. This helps the garden feel safe and secure.

Fencing boards can also make the garden more pretty. Decorative fencing styles like the ones made of timber or metal will look nice in the garden. This can increase the overall value of the home too!

  • Wide range of solutions: We provide a vast selection of fencing products, available in a range of materials and colours.
  • High Durability: With the proper care, our fencing products are highly durable and can last for many years. 
  • Enhanced privacy: You can enjoy your garden area without being disturbed by neighbours or bystanders.
  • Attractive in appearance: We provide a wide range of fencing solutions for any property. From traditional fence panels for classic homes to modern fences for newer-looking properties!  

Fencing Technical Specification

When selecting fences for your properties, it is crucial to know all the technical details, including warranties, sizing, installation, and related products. Check out the individual pages for each fencing style to see the technical details: steel, composite, and wood. 

Fencing Further Information

We provide a large selection of fencing to fit any type of property. Visit our guides and tips to learn more about our selection of fence products, including installation advice, product guides, reviews, and more! 

Fencing FAQs

Which kind of fence increases a property's value the most?

Timber fencing is generally considered to increase a property's value the most with its classic and natural appearance, but we also believe composite fencing can have the same impact! 

Which fencing material is the most robust?

Steel is one of the most resilient fencing materials available, as it requires little upkeep and is long-lasting. 

Which fence style provides the most privacy?

Fencing panels, such as composite fencing and some types of timber fencing, are the most private fence styles. They will ensure that no one can look into your garden.

Does a timber fence need to be stained annually?

A timber fence needs to be stained every two to three years to maintain its good looks and the longevity of the wood.

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