Steel Fencing

F.H. Brundle's steel fencing is a fantastic modern option for any property. These high quality fencing panels are robust and can withstand any weather conditions, from sun to wind and rain. They are designed with both style and security in mind, making them an ideal choice for both front and back garden fencing.

Securing your property has never been easier with the straightforward installation of our steel fencing – and it's incredibly stylish too! You can achieve the exact look you want for your outdoor space with steel fencing, as it comes in various styles. 

To explore our range of steel garden fencing, take a look at the full collection below!

Features & Benefits of Steel Fencing  

Advantages of using steel fencing on your property:

  • Strong and secure fencing panels
  • Long-lasting with minimum maintenance
  • Enhanced property value and security
  • Galvanised powder coating prevents rust and mould
  • Ideal for creating a safe barrier around your property, Keeps pets and children safe while deterring trespassers
  • Sleek and modern appearance, also blends seamlessly with garden plants.
  • Features a discrete but secure slatted structure with dark colouration.

Steel Fencing – Technical Specification  

Our range of stainless steel fence panels are all available in a black finish. Everything else you'll need for installation, such as mid posts, corner posts, end posts, and post caps can also be found in the range. The steel fences in our collection come in heights between 863mm and 1016mm.

Steel Fencing Further Information

Have a look at our guides and tips to learn more about our range of steel fencing. You can also get in touch with our team for support; we're always happy to provide expert guidance or pricing recommendations. 

Steel Fencing FAQs

  • Does steel fencing rust? 

Although our steel fence panels come with a pre-galvanised powder coating to reduce rust, they may still rust slowly due to weathering over time. To hide rust better, you can choose to order them with a black finish instead of lighter colours.

  • Which shade of steel fencing is best? 

Black, bronze, dark green, or dark grey are all ideal colours to paint your steel fencing. Darker colours will maintain their quality for a longer period of time while lighter colours tend to exhibit rust stains much more visibly. 

  • How simple is it to assemble steel fencing? 

You can install steel fencing yourself if you have the skills and experience, but if you're not sure, it's wise to consult a professional. You don't want to risk poor installation that could potentially damage the panels.

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