If you're in search of garden, patio or driveway paving that not only looks sophisticated but is also highly resilient, our wide range of paving with different colours and styles is the perfect choice for you.

Features & Benefits Of Paving

Our patio slabs are of the finest quality in both construction and function and are available in three styles: contemporary porcelain paving slabs, rustic clay, and traditional stone.

No matter what price range you're working with, you can create a lovely outdoor area with our driveway pavers - the London Stone selection of garden slabs includes solutions to meet a broad variety of budgets.

  • High-quality components: The high-quality porcelain and natural stone selections in the patio paving collection add a classy touch to any house.
  • Simple upkeep and cleaning: A mild patio cleaner works well to clean both porcelain and natural paving stones.
  • Durable: The garden paving slabs come with a 10-year guarantee, so once sealed, they will last for many years.
  • Raises the property’s market value: Outdoor pavers offer both contemporary beauty and excellent practicality, making them a great choice to raise the value of your home.

Technical Information About Paving Slabs

Any of the natural patio stone items in our selection may have very subtle variances in colour, veining, shading, and other features. Although our porcelain paving range is more uniform between batches, it's still important to examine your delivery to make sure you are satisfied with the way your items look.

The paving slabs have a top side and a bottom side. The more appealing side will be on top, while the bottom may have grooves or saw marks. Contact our team if you're unsure which is which; we're happy to help you out!

Further Information

We have a vast selection of outdoor patio slabs available in a range of colours, sizes, styles, and finishes. Our selection of natural stone paving products is sure to give your project the ideal finishing touch, whether you're building a summer patio or an outdoor dining area. No matter your budget, you can design a lovely outdoor space thanks to the array of choices available.

Installing Paving Slabs

If you are looking for detailed instructions on how to lay paving slabs, we highly recommend referring to our full installation guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to ensure a successful and professional-looking installation. In addition to laying paving slabs, our guides and tips also provide detailed instructions on how to lay paving patterns.

Paving FAQs

How do I clean outdoor paving slabs?

All you need to clean our selection of outdoor pavers is some water and a basic patio cleaner.

How do I seal outdoor paving?

All you need to clean our selection of outdoor pavers is some water and a basic patio cleaner!

Some of our selection of outdoor paving is delivered ready to be sealed. However, to prevent moisture infiltration and increase durability, sealant should be applied on our unsealed paving.

Are garden paving slabs permeable?

Outdoor paving has a low permeability and will be slip-resistant if it is properly sealed before installation!

What material makes up stone paving?

Natural elements such as sandstone, limestone, and clay are commonly used in the creation of stone paving.

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