Garden Rooms & Outbuildings

We provide a wide variety of garden rooms and outbuildings, ranging from versatile garden buildings to spacious log cabins.

Our garden rooms are the ideal addition to any outdoor living space, offering a selection of traditional and modern options. Whether you're searching for a distinctive home office, a cosy hobby room, or just a place to unwind and take in views of your garden, we're confident that we'll have an option that suits your needs!

Features and Benefits

Large range of options: We have something for every garden, whether you're searching for a garden office or a roomy log cabin.

Stunning appearance: All garden rooms are very appealing and come in a variety of traditional and modern designs.

Simple to install: Everything you need for self-assembly is included with the whole outbuilding line, along with comprehensive instructions!

Sustainable: You can be sure you're making a sustainable decision because our assortment of garden outbuildings is made in the UK from FSC® certified wood.

Technical Specification

To provide a tight seal between joints and promote rainfall-runoff, all garden rooms and outbuildings in our collection have either shiplap or tongue and groove siding.

Rot is not an issue. Typically, timber goods weather and degrade considerably faster than other materials, but to ensure rot protection for at least 10 years, all options in this range are either dip-treated or pressure-treated.

All of our garden rooms and outbuildings have dimensions that are given as Height x Width x Depth.

Further Information

No matter what they are used for, all garden rooms and outbuildings are a terrific addition to your living area. You can check out our website's guides and tips area for additional details!


Do I need to get a garden room approved for development?

Garden rooms are typically considered to be outbuildings, so you won't need to obtain planning approval. It's best to consult your local authorities, though.

How durable are garden rooms?

Our outbuildings and garden rooms come with a minimum 10-year anti-rot guarantee.

Are garden rooms simple to install?

Yes! Outbuildings from Forest Garden come with all the necessary screws, fasteners, felt, and a thorough installation guide.

How close to the perimeter can my garden room be?

Garden rooms should generally be at least one metre away from any boundaries. It's best to double-check with your local authorities, though.

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