Porcelain Paving

Using porcelain paving is a fantastic method to achieve a contemporary, elegant appearance both indoors and outside, with little to no concerns about maintenance.

Porcelain Paving Features & Benefits

Our porcelain patio slabs, which come with a 10-year guarantee, are far more resilient and lower in porosity than alternatives made of natural stone.

To accommodate all price ranges, porcelain garden slabs are available in three different styles and a range of colours: budget, premium, and luxury. No matter what your budget is, we can ensure superb beauty and top-notch performance with all three selections because they are all of high aesthetic and practical quality.

  • Modern appearance: Any outdoor or indoor space is elevated by the sleek, contemporary, and elegant aesthetics of porcelain paving slabs.
  • Low permeability: Because porcelain paving only absorbs a minimal amount of moisture, its quality can be easily preserved over time.
  • Enhanced strength: These premium garden paving slabs come with a 10-year warranty and are made to last.
  • Both indoor and outdoor uses: Our selection of porcelain patio paving has countless applications as it can be used both inside and outside.

Porcelain Paving Technical Specification

Because porcelain paving is stain- and fade-resistant, it will maintain its high quality no matter the weather. These premium porcelain paving slabs will not be affected by harsh UV rays in the summer or by dirt and rain in the winter.

Porcelain is a particularly robust and hard substance, making it scratch- and stain-resistant. You don't have to be concerned about moving outdoor furniture and leaving unpleasant scrape marks on the surface!

Feldspar, kaolin, quartz, and clay are just a few of the entirely natural minerals used in the production of our selection of outdoor porcelain paving. The majority of the collection comes from Italy, which is renowned for manufacturing high-quality and durable tile products and has pioneered the development of sustainable tile production processes and technologies.

Our porcelain slabs come in a variety of colours and patterns and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them the perfect option if you're designing your ideal outdoor space or searching for a flooring material to bridge the gap between interiors and outdoors.

Porcelain Paving FAQs

Is porcelain good for paving?

We think porcelain is a great choice for paving since it not only gives the property a classy appearance, but it is also one of the easiest paving materials to keep clean.

Is porcelain paving slippery when wet?

Porcelain is a material that naturally offers a high level of friction; even if it rains, your porcelain paving won't be hazardous to walk on.

Can I jet-wash my porcelain paving?

Given its strength, porcelain can endure intense jet washing. In fact, jet washing is the most effective method for getting rid of tough stains on porcelain slabs.

How long does porcelain paving last?

While the porcelain pavement in our selection comes with a 10-year warranty, with proper care, it can last even longer!

Porcelain Paving Installation and Maintenance

Our porcelain paving should only be installed by qualified professionals. To support you when needed, we provide a thorough installation guide and detailed instructions in our guides and tips section.

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