Durapost Fence Posts

Our selection of DuraPost metal fencing posts provides an elegant and secure framework for most fence panel and board varieties. They are manufactured in the UK using galvanised steel, which makes them incredibly durable and low maintenance. Additionally, DuraPost fence posts can be recycled at the end of their extremely long lifespan, making them an entirely eco-friendly option for your fencing project!

DuraPost fencing posts can be used with virtually any fence panel or board including composite and timber fencing; however, they are designed primarily to be used with DuraPost composite fencing panels

DuraPost steel fence posts keep your fence secure in all weather conditions and come with many accessories for a safe and attractive fence border. When your fence is installed with DuraPost fence posts, which have been tested to resist wind speeds of up to 110 mph, you can be confident that it will remain secure and safe come rain or shine.

Features & Benefits of DuraPost Fence Posts

  • Wind tested: In order to guarantee that your fencing will remain safe and secure in the case of a storm, DuraPost fence posts are tested against winds of up to 110 mph. 
  • Long-lasting: DuraPost fence posts come with a 25-year warranty, and they won't decay, distort, or crack over time. The fence posts, which are made in the UK from galvanised steel, are sturdy and solid enough to endure almost any adverse conditions! 
  • Easy to maintain: DuraPost fence posts won't need any additional treatments once you've installed them. You can be confident that your fencing will survive for many years with no upkeep because the fencing posts are resistant to rust, cracking, and rot. 
  • Budget-friendly: DuraPost fence posts are comparable in cost to concrete fence posts, but they offer a number of extra advantages due to the strong and sturdy galvanised steel, making them a far better option. 
  • Versatile: Our DuraPost fence posts are available in four gorgeous colours, including natural sepia brown and olive grey as well as a classic galvanised finish, and can be used with most types of fence panels. 

DuraPost Fence Posts – Technical Specification

  • Backed by a 25-year warranty 
  • Entirely recyclable once they reach end of life 
  • Anti-rot, anti-warping, anti-rust, and anti-cracking 
  • Wind tested at speeds up to 110 mph 
  • Wide range of accessories available 

DuraPost Fence Posts Further Information

Check out our guides and tips to learn more about our selection of DuraPost fence posts. You can also get in touch with our team for support; we're always happy to provide expert guidance or pricing recommendations. 

DuraPost Fence Posts FAQs

  • Are DuraPost fence posts superior to concrete fence posts?

Because DuraPost fence posts are far lighter than concrete ones, you can install them with just one person and much more quickly than concrete posts!

DuraPost fence posts can also be recycled when they need to be replaced, which is something you can't do with concrete.

Overall, DuraPost fencing posts are far more beneficial to use than concrete ones, despite being similarly priced.

  • Can DuraPost be cut to fit my fence panels' height?

Yes, an angle grinder can be used to cut Durapost fence posts.

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