Garden Drainage

In the UK, there is an increasing problem with garden drainage as more and more homes are constructed on clay soil without taking into account water runoff. Storms in recent years have made things challenging for regions prone to flooding, much to the dismay of owners. 

At Deko Garden Supplies, we can provide a wide range of garden drainage solutions to help your outdoor space thrive in the drier months and avoid becoming waterlogged when the rain starts to fall. 

Garden Drainage Solutions For Plants 

Many garden plants require good drainage in order to grow. Although installing drainage is a significant task, it is one of the most beneficial things a gardener can do to enhance growing conditions on moist soils. Our range of drainage cells is ideal for use in outdoor beds and planter boxes, as their unique cup shape provides a uniform surface for the effective draining of excess water during heavy rainfalls, and provides water retention for passive irrigation, allowing vegetation to flourish. 

Garden Drainage Systems for Sitting Water 

Collection and storage or disposal make up the two key components of the majority of garden drainage systems. Water cannot escape as quickly as it is accumulated, which is the root cause of almost all drainage problems. Soakaway crates, perforated land drains and unperforated land drains will allow sitting water to be slowly absorbed and disposed of into the soil at a manageable rate. They are the ideal drainage for gardens to ensure surface water is absorbed rather than remaining on the surface. 

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