Corten Steel Planters

Our corten steel planters provide a slightly different spin on traditional garden planters that can create a brutalist and industrial aesthetic when placed in the right outdoor space. Their high-quality steel manufacturing makes them a highly durable and sturdy option for housing plants and flowers.

To get the best out of corten planters and to ensure that your plants and flowers will thrive, there are a few things we would recommend when using them.

Working with Corten Steel Planters

  • Corten steel planters should always be installed above ground level to provide suitable drainage for plant life
  • Lining the bottom of the planter with gravel or wood chippings before filling with soil and planting will also help to improve drainage and reduce overall weight
  • Corten planters can be placed on grass, soil or gravel, however, we would not recommend placing them on decking or paving as these surfaces may get stained when the planters experience weathering
  • It's best to avoid moving the larger planters once they have been filled as dragging them across the ground can scratch the base of the planter
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Corten Steel Cube Planter - 600mm x 600mm x 600mm Corten Steel Cube Planter - 600mm x 600mm x 600mm
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