Mineral Composite Decking

Mineral decking, also known as mineral composite decking, offers the best of both worlds by fusing the PVC's lightweight and simple installation with the composite wood's realistic appearance and slip-resistant finish.

The mineral composite material outperforms traditional timber decking, offering a remarkable 34% increase in surface traction. This results in the boards boasting the market's highest strength-to-weight ratio. Additionally, every plank features a fade and stain-resistant surface, fire certification, and is impervious to rotting, cracking, chalking, or sagging. Our mineral decking range even includes a generous 25-year warranty.

Choose from two captivating colours, Sierra and Khaya, for our mineral decking boards. They are available in both 140mm and 235mm panel widths, and we also offer fascia boards to conceal the deck's underlying structure.

Mineral Decking Features and Benefits

Our collection features mineral decking boards in two exquisite colours, Sierra and Khaya, with options for panel widths at 140mm and 235mm. Additionally, we provide fascia boards to elegantly conceal the deck's underlying structure.

  • Strength-To-Weight Efficiency - While mineral-based composite decking boasts a lightweight profile, it maintains remarkable robustness and an impressive weight-bearing capacity.
  • Exceptional Durability - Thanks to its distinctive composition and production method, mineral composite decking offers unparalleled stability and longevity.
  • Minimal Upkeep - Maintaining mineral WPC decking is a breeze, as it demands only occasional sweeping for upkeep.
  • Thermal Stability - Mineral decking remains impervious to expansion or contraction in response to heat, mitigating the risk of splits and fractures, a common consequence of temperature fluctuations.

Mineral Decking Technical Specification

Deckorators' Mineral Composite Decking is available in two distinct size options:

  • 22mm (H) x 3660mm (L) x 140mm (W)
  • 22mm (H) x 3660mm (L) x 235mm (W)

Deckorators' mineral composite decking offers a remarkable advantage, as it is 35% lighter than competing wood-plastic composite decking alternatives. Additionally, these boards exhibit exceptional water resistance, with absorption rates of less than 0.05% after a 24-hour water immersion.

Safety is paramount, and our mineral composite decking is classified as a Class C fire retardant, effectively safeguarding against minor fire exposure.

For optimal performance, it is recommended that our mineral composite decking boards be stored in the installation area for a minimum of 3 days before installation, allowing the material to acclimate to its surroundings.

Mineral Decking FAQs

Does composite decking undergo expansion or contraction due to heat?

While humidity is a primary factor behind expansion and contraction, mineral decking boards have the advantageous trait of zero thermal expansion. Moreover, they are particularly suitable for areas near water, featuring textured embossing for enhanced grip and safety.

Is it possible to utilize mineral-based composites for crafting planters?

Certainly, mineral decking's resistance to moisture absorption makes it a viable choice for constructing planters.

Does mineral composite decking experience fading?

Our mineral-based composites come equipped with a stain and fade-resistant cap, guaranteeing that the colour remains vibrant over time. Additionally, they are backed by an impressive warranty package, including a 50-year structural warranty, a 25-year stain and fade warranty, and a 25-year removal and replacement warranty.

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